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HEAE NEXT generation HydrOxygen Reactors!!! 

              R&D Funded by: KickStarter!

Sneak Preview of our KickStarter Project:

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 ‘Expecting to see some slick, BIG time corporate web-site?
That’s not us; we simply produce the finest Hydrogen Reactors on the planet!
The ONLY Industrial Hydrogen Reactors
Tested & Credentialed
for Consumer Protection
by the US Gov. EPA/CARB
The California Air Resources Board (CARB)
has the most stringent Environmental Requirements on the entire planet!
Therefore, CARB is recognized world-wide as
setting the bar, the Gold Standard for the highest Environmental Standards.
Our Industrial Hydrogen Reactors passed all EPA/CARB’s ridged tests & surpassed all requirements!

How would you like to get out from under the high cost of fuel

and clean up the environment right NOW?!

Would you like that?

NOW, the technology is here AND it is affordable
so YOU can take control of your OWN destiny
& have True Energy Independence, NOW
Self-Produce your OWN safe, clean fuel,
take responsibility for your own carbon footprint,
eliminate nearly ALL of your fuel & energy costs
while reducing harmful emissions to ZERO!
Change electrical power plants to safe, clean hydrogen
produced essentially for FREE,
in unlimited quantity from ordinary sea water,
while desalinating water for drinking, irrigation, etc.,
making desalination affordable!
Or, just get off the Grid & bring it on home!
You can Self-Produce your own fuel & energy, NOW!

High End Alternative Energy

A uniquely American Corporation!

When we say we are an American Corporation, we mean just that, AMERICAN!”

We appreciate the opportunity, education and other benefits afforded to us by this great nation.
We are loyal, patriotic Americans and we don’t take money out of the US
and hide it on foreign shores to avoid US taxes.
AND, we appreciate our Veterans!
We understand the plight of the poor, the homeless, the unemployed, under-employed
& all those who are struggling.
We view this as an opportunity to contribute and give something back
to the people and to the country that helped make us successful;
it’s just part of the cost for the “privilege” of doing business in America.
HEAE Hydrogen Reactors are manufactured in America
and we proudly display the label, Made in the USA!
One can NOT “claim” to be or represent their company as American
and “claim” they believe in freedom & democracy
when their goods & services are produced by cheap slave labor in foreign countries.
That’s not even Capitalism, ‘probably illegal, at the very least unethical
AND it’s highly immoral!
So, we don’t off-shore anything and we don’t cash in on, condone or
take advantage of foreign slave labor;
THAT’s simply un-American!
Clean Tek TV:


We’ve looked at over 300-hydrogen web-sites,
unable to find any tested by the US Government EPA and/or their designee, i.e. CARB.

These are US Government & State Agencies charged with protecting consumers.

(regarding hydrogen reactors or hydrogen generators)

You wouldn’t buy a vehicle unless it passed the government crash test and other tests, so why on earth buy a hydrogen system that hasn’t been tested by the government required and authorized testing agencies that protect consumers?!


The California Air Resources Board (CARB) has the most stringent requirements on the entire face of the planet!

CARB raises the bar & establishes the Gold Standard for environmental standards
& are therefore recognized world-wide!
Our product has met and surpassed all CARB test requirements for consumer protection.

California Air Resources Board (CARB) Executive Order (EO):

04 HOD-CARB-ExecOrdEmailD-638U-092908-01

14 CARB-NonAdverseImpact082508-01



Coming Soon!

A New Exciting Crowd Source Funding Project!

Safe, Clean, FREE Hydrogen Fuel!

‘Tired of the ever increasing cost of fuel?

‘Tired of being dependent upon foreign oil & those dirty illegal wars?

How about all those oil spills, frac’ing, mining & nuclear disasters;

‘tired of that, too?

How about our planet, ‘tired of polluting our planet?


Then, why don’t YOU DO SOMETHING about it?!!!

The technology is affordable and it’s here NOW!

So,  . . . . why aren’t YOU doing it?!

                              Rather than continuing to be part of the problem,

Why aren’t YOU a part of the solution?!

So, what’s in it for you?

FREE Hydrogen Project Details: (Please Stay Tuned: Currently Under Destruction!)


People give millions to environmental organizations.

To be certain, they mean well, and we are thankful for all they have done.

But short of being reduced to professional protesters by BIG Energy  & the government,

they offer little in the way of tangible alternatives

that actually save fuel & clean up the environment.


So, we offer an affordable way

by which to accomplish their goals NOW!!!


You MUST decide; ‘will you just keep complaining

& continue to be part of the problem,

OR will you become part of the solution?!


In case you haven’t figured it out, yet,

during the last 60-years of the Environmental Movement

environmental groups haven’t been able to accomplish it,

the government hasn’t done anything about it

& BIG Energy damn sure won’t!


In order to get it done,

We MUST STOP depending upon others,

take responsibility for our own carbon footprint



So, PLEASE, at least put your money where it actually saves fuel

& cleans up the environment!

This is YOUR chance to become an extraordinary part of

Environmental History!


We live in a Capitalistic “Consumer Driven” economy.

So, it’s high time that “Consumers” start doin’ the driving!


It’s the ONLY thing BIG BUSINESS listens to,

As we systematically walk away from the old antiquated

19th century fossil fuel Petro-Economy

And step into the New, Safe, Clean,

FREE Hydrogen-Economy!


We sell Hydrogen/HHO Systems,

YOU determine the application.


Herein you will see and read examples of various consumer applications.

Clean Tek TV:
To Whom it May Concern: HEAE-GEI-ToWhomItMayConcern101111-01
Why do High End Alternative Energy hydrogen systems actually work
while many other systems available on the Internet apparently don’t?
Our Hydrogen Reactors are not the do-it-yourself,
back yard mechanic type kits common to Internet scams.
We produce high-output industrial military grade hydrogen reactors.

So, does it REALLY work?

You be the judge:

New Japanese Water Powered Car!
(Look out, Detroit!)
First Hydrogen Fueled Aircraft Flight Martin B-57 Canberra (1955)
Indecently, this is the plane that was to replace the U2 Spy Plane,
because hydrogen was capable of catapulting the plane into low space orbit
in the 1950s!
US Navy to Turn Ordinary Sea Water to Jet Fuel!
(To Power Jet Aircraft & Naval Ships on the High Seas)
Obviously, if our technology can power industrial military trucks, tanks, jet aircraft and large ships,
it can easily power today’s cars, trucks, 18-wheelers, locomotives and power plants!

And now, even Shell Oil is doing it!

Shell uses essentially the same basic technology, except on a larger scale, for which they charge consumers a lot of money, whereas our systems are smaller for individual vehicles and your hydrogen fuel is essentially FREE!

So much for the ol’ Zero Sum Gain argument!


Orange Power!

Check it out: hydrogen-abriefhistory01

Photograph by Caleb Charland

This is NOT the same technology common to Internet hydrogen scams.

Clearly, THIS technology actually works!
Are you getting it?

A Zero-Sum Gain? Really?

Nay-Sayers claim it can’t be done, ‘won’t work, it’s impossible.

There’s no such thing as perpetual motion and it violates

the most basic Law of Thermodynamics, the Law of Entropy!

Let’s talk about that.


Apparently, the US Military, the Japanese and others didn’t get the memo, BUT Shell Oil did!
Thank God, the Law of Entropy doesn’t apply to them or exist outside of US Borders!

Amazingly, those who could benefit never challenge or even question these pseudo-experts!

We never claimed it was perpetual motion, it’s not.

However, Nay-Sayers are quick to throw that out as a “diversion.”

One must occasionally add water to produce more hydrogen,

just as one now must add gas or diesel.


Moreover, that same pretzel-logic could easily be applied to any form of energy,
i.e. coal, natural gas, propane, oil, kerosene, diesel, gasoline, and even uranium!


Just exactly how much time, effort, energy and expense went into those
and what does one get out of it?
Zero Sum Gain is a mis-statement.

It’s actually a negative sum gain or more accurately, it’s a loss!

Just stop and think of all the MASSIVE amounts of time, effort, energy and money
that goes into exploration, mining & drilling conventional fuels,
whereas it only takes a VERY minimal amount of electricity to produce hydrogen from water

AND there’s no negative environmental impact!

Surprised? So, where’s the pay-off?

The pay-off, as with any form of fuel is in “igniting” the fuel.


THAT’s where we get the bang for the buck!

Hydrogen is WAY more efficient and powerful

than gasoline, diesel and other forms of fuel

AND there are ZERO harmful emissions!

Our vision and mission is to:
Bring FREE, clean energy, food, water, shelter, clothing, shoes and health care, dental & vision
to all who have need;
‘our gift to humanity and what must accomplish before it is our time to go.
Will you help?
To aid in the Research & Development of our vision and mission
in changing the world of energy from the Petro-Economy
to the new Hydrogen Economy,
contributions are greatly appreciated.

Don’t ever be stranded without gas or electricity again!

Don’t ever freeze to death or die of heat for lack of utility funds.

You can now have energy/fuel essentially for free!

Don’t wait for the government or BIG energy

to clean up the environment and get off foreign oil.


The government’s NOT going to do it or even help us

and BIG Energy damn sure won’t!


So, we needn’t wait for them; we’ve GOT to go grass roots.


Take responsibility for your own carbon footprint.


Switch your vehicles, homes and businesses yourselves

to safe, FREE, clean hydrogen NOW!

After a small minimal investment in the cost of your hydrogen system,
energy is practically free from there on!
The LA DOT has announced they have no objection
to LA franchised taxi cab company
participation in our HEAE CARB Feasibility Study.
HEAE CARB Feasibility Study

is now in progress for new exciting products.

(CARB On-Road Gas & Diesel EO, Verification & Certification Pending)


‘Here’s more


We offer a complete line of Hydrogen Reactors
producing hydrogen for up to 20 liter diesel and gasoline engines.
We also offer larger industrial systems capable of producing much more Hydrogen,
depending upon what is required, to meet equipment/firebox/engine(s) demand.
i.e. cars, motorcycles, trucks, RVs, agricultural & industrial equipment, locomotives, jet & conventional aircraft, pumps, electric generators, power plants, refineries, marine boat/ship engines,
nationally and internationally advertised for on-road use most everywhere except California at this time.
Mission Statement & Notice (cont.):

the Love, Peace & Freedom Movement!

For those “truly” serious about cleaning up the environment,

saving fuel costs & eliminating dependence upon foreign oil:

Why wait until 2050 for the President’s new EPA requirements

to clean up the environment when

we can do it NOW!!!!!

Is it Global Warming or is it Climate Change?

Wrong question; this argument is just plain subterfuge,

a diversion, which avoids the REAL question, plain and simple:

Is pollution good or bad for our health, every living thing & for our planet?

This is a real “No Brainer!”

Please, read this VERY carefully and take it to heart:

There is FREE, clean energy available to you NOW.

Don’t let anyone continue to lie to you about this anymore.

You can create this energy yourself, at home or in your car.

You can generate your own electricity, heat water, cook, heat/cool your home, your business and so much more.

It’s all available to you NOW.

Don’t waste another day of your life in bondage.

All you need do is run ‘take a hold and grab on to it while you have the chance!



just for a moment, a “made in Heaven” world,

wherein it is possible to manufacture and distribute enough Hydrogen Systems
for EVERY engine and industrial application in America, or for that matter, the entire world,
including coal, oil, diesel, natural gas and even nuclear fired power plants.
Now imagine

Energy “Independence”

A world free of the strangulation hold of BIG energy companies,

a world in which YOU fuel your own engines and generate your own electricity;


‘Feel the independence?

Within hours upon installation:

There would be no engine pollution and no need for foreign oil;

No oil spills, frac’ing the earth, poisoning our water,

no deadly radiation;

AND, there will be no need for those costly unnecessary wars!



‘Still not convinced?

Watch this:

Putting toxic chemicals into “our” water aquifer cannot possibly be safe,

no matter what BIG energy says.

The ONLY safe alternative is becoming a “hydrogen economy.”


The technology is here and the future is NOW!


Hydrogen is one of the most plentiful elements on the planet and can be
produced safely from ordinary sea water;

2/3′s of all the oceans, lakes, rivers & streams in the world is hydrogen, H2O!


Take control of your own destiny in a positive manor.


No more lies! You’ve GOT to look for the truth; “Seek and you will find.”


Save the Planet – Save our health


Stop Wars


Save the World for the Children!

Well, here in the real world, it will take some time, but


YOU CAN have Energy Independence NOW!






Mission Statement (cont.):

Our “vision” is clear; our mission (YOUR mission) is to provide the equipment necessary to provide

free clean energy and food to all who have need.

It should be very clear by now that the government and corporations have no real interest or intention in protecting and cleaning up the environment or solving the energy crisis.

It is utterly amazing that so many lack “vision,” in that:

1. The politician that jumps on our product, cleans up the environment, eliminates the need for foreign oil and brings FREE, clean  energy to the nation will no doubt be a national hero (So, where are they?!);

2. As the price of fuel continues to escalate at the pumps, a large number of people can’t even afford to make it to/from work and are losing their jobs, contributing to already high unemployment.

So, BIG oil is losing a substantial portion of their consumer base. BUT, with our product making fuel affordable, BIG oil could actually recapture/retrieve that ever growing consumer base,

making even more profit than ever before!

But, until they wake up, open their eyes and develop real “vision,” we now have the means by which we can accomplish as much ourselves by acting on our own.

We MUST take responsibility for our own carbon footprint!

AND, in doing so, the energy market

will simply drop out from under

BIG energy & government.

Together, we CAN do this NOW!!

Or, you can continue to be a part of the problem; a polluter, dependent upon foreign oil;
continue to pay homage at the fuel pumps and contribute to
the BIG oil corporate welfare program!
The choice is up to you.
Now, go do the right thing.
Please do everything possible to make this message go viral!
Note: Our Hydrogen/HHO systems can be installed on ANY fossil fueled engine or fire box, new or old!
Possible Applications:
Commercial & Residential Electrical Generators, Coal, Oil, Diesel, Natural Gas & even Nuclear Fired Power Plants, R/R Locomotives, Ships, Boats, Jet & Conventional Aircraft, Construction & Industrial Equipment, Cars, SUV’s, Pickup Trucks, 18-Wheelers, Recreational Vehicles, Motorcycles; most any Internal Combustion Engine.


American Music!
the Original Legendary Moby Grape!
A uniquely American band!
Looking For the USA; America!
Bonus: 1st National Hit, 1967 Moby Grape!


Save the World for the Children!
by Jim Post of Friend & Lover!
Bonus: 1st National Hit, 1968!



22 Responses to

  1. gary mack says:

    Send me all of your information on your product.

  2. Chuck says:

    Great product; this thing really works!

  3. richard says:

    i have seen the results first hand, it works even better than i hoped for, glad to see you have had such great sucess in dealing with the taci cab company, the word will spread and the proven results speak out loud and clear.

  4. Früher war ich sehr erfreut mehr als glücklich zu suchen dieser internet-site.I gesucht Ihren dieses hervorragenden Sprachreisen! I definitiv genießen jedes etwas und es habe Sie ein Lesezeichen heraus zu überprüfen neue Slideshows Sie Blog schreiben.

    • HEAE says:

      Wow; run this by us in English, we’d love to know your views.


      • Amer says:

        Washers and Stainless Steel threaded Rod.If the warshes weren’t so expensive, would probably continue with the other 5 tubes. Was only able to build one. Hopefully in the near future with have a new release of this one, or equivalent type.Up until this point have found a plastic machinist to help in the quest to perfect this HHO craze everyone is so fixed on. Its more than just design as to the hho-cell entirely. As to electronics playing a roll just as much a part or more. Coils no less.

        ————— Hang in there, Amer; HEAE uses steel cylinders.

    • Gabriel says:

      I’m looking to buy a car here and was doing the research. The Cost to Own of Hybrids was consistently more than similar (or same) model non-Hybrids. The only advantages Hybrids have is with the fuel costs over the life of the car, and the Hybrid tax credit. But, they’re at a disadvantage with almost everything else. And, they’re killed by the depreciation, due it seems to the high invoice price. (O.K. I think I just unintentionally made a really good argument for buying Hybrids Used.)

      But, just to compare the two cars I’m liking, the Honda Civic super-basic trim has a CtO of $24,200 and the Honda Civic Hybrid $26,900. And, the Civic Hybrid is actually way more affordable and closer to the CtO of its non-Hybrid sister model than the other Hybrids I’ve been looking at. Here’s what I’m thinking. The projected Cost to Own is based on a few guesses, like how much mileage you’re likely to have, and the price of gas pretty much staying where it is.

      Now I don’t want to read doomsday predictions about how we’re going to go all Mad Max. I don’t. But, it’s natural to suppose the trend of gas prices going up is going to continue. I mean the reason it happened in the first place is because people in developing countries have been buying cars, so the demand for gas has gone up. These countries aren’t done developing. Or, to put it another way, there’s a lot of people in the world who haven’t bought a car yet.

      Back to the Civic I figure with the differences in CtOs not including the cost of gas ($4,300), the cost of gas would pretty much have to double ($4,300/($8,600-$6,200)=~1.8). And, that’s pretty much just for the Honda Civic. I’m having a real hard time imagining a horrible nightmare scenario where the Ford Fusion Hybrid New would be a better buy than the Ford Fusion New.

      I guess I’ve pretty much already answered my own question. But, I have another scenario for all of you. If someone starts mass producing Hydrogen Fuel Cell cars for mass sales, what’s that going to do to the price of gas? I’d expect it to go down partly because the demand for gas would be stemmed somewhat, but mostly just because the gas companies would want to incentivise their consumers keeping combustion cars. I guess the big question there is, how likely is that to happen in the next 5 years? Or however long? Isn’t it odd how these alternative cars have the potential to sabotage each other? And, how competitive is hydrogen with gas as a fuel?

      Obviously, there’s the old issue that hydrogen would have to build their distribution from the ground up. But, once that’s done, how much would a mile fueled by gas cost vs. a mile fueled by hydrogen? Gas comes out of the ground with its energy already in it. Petroleum pumps try to be (and are) highly energy efficient. But, pumping a liquid out of minerals well isn’t that like squeezing blood from a stone? Hydrogen you have to use up energy to electrolyze it or refine it from fossil fuels. I’m not bothered so much by the greenhouse implications.

      From an engineering standpoint it’s an energy storage device. What’s the cost? Electricity is cheap. Right? Then there’s the comparative fuel economies of fuel cell and combustion cars. Hydrogen is more energy intensive than gas. A full tank is lighter. The lightening of the cars load would give it a slight advantage in fuel economy. Wouldn’t it? (Get the image of hydrogen making balloon floaty cars out of your head please. It so doesn’t work that way.)

      Also, since the internal drag is on a much shorter drive train, wouldn’t that give Hydrogen Fuel Cell cars a tremendous advantage in fuel economy? So answers, are you saying that if I asked these other questions separately you WOULD answer them? Besides I’m dubious of that on its own, it kind of sounds like Y!

      A points farming to me, at a cost to me! Beyond that it’s occurred to me you don’t have to double the price of gas. For vocations that involve a lot of driving you could easily more than double the mileage and the fuel consumption. Like I imagine Taxi companies, if they’re not using Hybrids are pretty much losing money.

      From the National Hydrogen Association: The estimated costs for producing and delivering hydrogen to the fueling station using today’s technologies vary from $2.10/gallon of gasoline equivalent (gge) to $9.10/gge. These hydrogen costs do not include highway taxes and do include the increased fuel efficiency of fuel cell vehicles compared to gasoline-powered hybrid electric vehicles. So best case scenario hydrogen is just competitive with gas.

      Answers, sorry you did write that mileage can make a Hybrid worthwhile first. But, I still don’t like the other thing you wrote, if only because that means flooding the latest question pages with spam questions. There’s enough inane crap on here as it is. On the other side of things, saying hydrogen as a fuel isn’t going to happen in a big way tomorrow is not the same as saying it’s never going to happen.

      The price of gas will go up, not least of all because people consider it to be an essential consumable. People don’t just use less simply because demand outstrips supply, so the price has to go way up to be prohibitive. Next we’d need to see a big drop in the price of electricity. Maybe when they mine the moon for tritium for fusion power, though the new fusion power plants and the power infrastructure will still cost money on top of the price tag of a commercial lunar space program.

      I think the big energy conglomerates like GE can afford to do it easy. But I’ve never been a big fan of electric cars. I don’t think the oil companies are trying to keep them buried because they threaten their monopoly. I just don’t think they’ve ever really been any good. Granted tremendous advances in battery technology have given them a huge step forward. But, even with that and regenerative braking (an old technology which has gained new interest) electric cars’ ranges just aren’t very good.

      I know that sound like a straw man attack, like the old one that electric cars can’t make it up hills. But, it’s true. At the least, going on a road trip in an electric car is out of the question. It doesn’t help there the batteries are pretty dang heavy. But again the weight is less important than internal drag on the drive train, as well as regenerative braking. (Batteries are also expensive, but not more so than engine blocks and full drive trains, and definitely not more than hydrogen tanks and fuel cells.)


      WOW! You raise a lot of important issues, Gabriel, so let’s just use the KISS method; Keep It Simple, Stupid! (Not meaning any disrespect.)

      It seems that part of the confusion lay in that apparently the established energy industry wants people to think of hydrogen in conventional terms of traditional energy, which is a real confusion factor and disinformation, which appears designed to keep people enslaved to BIG energy. First of all, there are different forms of hydrogen that can be produced “on-board” that don’t need or require costly hard to find and largely non-existent re-fueling infrastructure.

      It also seems VERY clear that auto makers, BIG energy nor government is going to do it for us, so we MUST take responsibility for our own carbon foot print and get off foreign oil on our own; we CAN do it without them and simply drop the market out from under them!

      You can save a LOT of money; just change your existing vehicle(s) to hydrogen yourself for VERY little money, especially when compared to the cost of the new so-called hybrids. (See Hybrid Comparison: HEAE

  5. HEAE says:

    Wow; the world-wide response is absolutely over whelming, many in foreign languages; thanks for your interest in feeding the people, cleaning up the environment and eliminating dependence upon foreign oil!

    Unfortunately, there is just no way that we can respond to everyone, so for now, we will load a few comments and hope you will understand.

    The important thing is that everyone realizes there is FREE food and clean fuel available NOW!

    All one need do is to run, ‘take ahold!

    This is particularly important for those in the EU where they have banned the internal combustion engine as of 2050; you now have an alternative!

    Why wait until 2050 to do what you can do NOW!

    We have but three requests at this time and we have to act fast and we have to act NOW!

    1. No matter where you are in the world, each time you look at a lake, a river or stream, the seven seas, all the oceans of the world or even just run water through your tap, take a second look; take a REAL good look, then stop and think:

    Rather than just seeing water, see H2O; that’s 1-part Oxygen AND 2-parts Hydrogen.

    Now, fully realize that 2/3s of what you are seeing is HYDROGEN; FREE, clean fuel!

    That’s a LOT of FREE; clean fuel just waiting for you and the water will be recycled!

    2. You can grow enough vegetables, even right in your flat, studio or one bedroom apartment to feed your family year ‘round!

    DON’T waste ANY more valuable time complaining about the government, BIG oil or BIG energy; they’re NOT going to help and you don’t need them!

    The technology is here and YOU can do it YOURSELF, NOW!

    Although most other products don’t produce anywhere near the amount of hydrogen as our products (obviously, besides home applications, we handle large industrial applications, which others don’t or can’t do), there are many similar less expensive products available on the Internet that actually DO work. You can even make your own! So, we encourage you, if you can’t afford our products at this time, purchase something less expensive and get on with it! With the money you save, eventually, you will be using our products, anyway.

    You read it right; we encourage you to buy our competitor’s products!

    The important thing right NOW is the “higher cause”;

    Feeding the people, cleaning up the environment, STOP frac’ing the earth, getting off foreign oil; WE can all pitch in and do it NOW!

    3. In the meantime, you can all do your part; Twitter and Face Book the message (below) to EVERYONE on your list and ask them to do the same:

    FREE food & clean energy, NOW!
    Spread the news; make this message go viral!!!!!!

    After all, it IS a beautiful life and a wonderful world!

    Let’s start saving it, NOW!!!!

    Thanks for your help and concern for people and for the earth!


    PS: Just so that you know; HEAE money goes back into saving the people and saving the earth!

  6. Excellent website. Lots of helpful information here. I?m sending it to several buddies ans additionally sharing in delicious. And obviously, thanks for your sweat!

  7. HEAE says:

    It is our pleasure!

    Pls. make the message go viral; twitter, face bokk everyone on your lists; ask them to do the same.


    Free food and energy/fuel is here NOW!
    Make this go viral!


    • Vijay says:

      Sirhoax, let me just say that first off, I greatly aidmre your work as I have been watching the great things you’ve accomplished with HHO over the past several months. I have been experimenting with all sorts of designs but, I would like to learn more about how you designed this cell to run with straight tap water at such a low amperage with such a great amount of HHO. Keep up the good work!!! We know that this stuff really works, and to hell with those who simply dismiss HHO as a viable fuel.


      Dear Sirhoax: Although we can, we don’t use “straight tap water” in our systems for maximum performance. HEAE

      • Emili says:

        Correction Americans on average drive 30 to 40 miles per day, not 90.*A few of my faiotvre facts about electric cars below.*Coal doesn’t matter gasoline vehicles use as much electricity as electric cars do because gasoline requires large energy inputs (supplied by electricity and fossil fuels) during processing and refining.*Coal usage has also been on the decline in recent years. It used to be how the majority of electricity was made but now it’s just 39% of the electricity mix in the US, according to the EIA.*You can make a compelling economic case for the Volt and Leaf by using the lease price $349/month for both cars. Gas is predicted to approach $5/gallon this summer. At that price, a typical 25mpg car will cost $250 or more to fuel each month. The same miles in an electric car cost less than $50. That $200+ savings, combined with a $349 lease price is an unbeatable deal.

  8. HEAE says:

    Great; we’d love to hear from you!

    Pls. make the message go viral; twitter, face bokk everyone on your lists; ask them to do the same.


    Free food and energy/fuel is here NOW!
    Make this go viral!


    • Kiefer says:

      My 83 MBZ turbodiesel 300SD went from 23 to 30mpg on this cell. I am cruerntly testing to see if I can get more. Check out the other video to see what the top looks like. I’m not worried about flashback with the diesel. I do have check valves in line, I use 2 on gas models. The bubbler is used to catch water and steam; most peoples systems create too much steam so they have to catch it somewhere. Mine doesn’t create enough steam to hurt your engine.

      ————— GREAT! HEAE

      • Sidnei says:

        1. Using hydrogen to power cars and trkcus depends upon the success of fuel cell technology. In your own words, briefly describe the operation of a fuel cell. 2. Make two lists of several of the major arguments used by proponents and critics of the hydrogen economy. Which side of the debate do you find most persuasive? Briefly explain your answer.

  9. HEAE says:

    Great; keep the lights on for free!

    Pls. make the message go viral; twitter, face bokk everyone on your lists; ask them to do the same.


    Free food and energy/fuel is here NOW!
    Make this go viral!


  10. Green News says:

    Green energy has come a long way in the last decade, it will only continue to grow in the future. It’s an exciting time for invention.

    ————– We quite agree! HEAE

  11. Partee says:

    High End Alternative Energy just best like you say!

    ————– Thanks! HEAE

  12. HEAE says:

    Please resubmit in English.


    Mr. UB Green

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